Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jordan Pond

We visited Acadia National Park in
Maine. We did some hiking by Jordan
Pond Shore Trail, which follows the
water's edge. It was an easy hike about
3 1/2 miles (loop) There was two
mountains northeast of the pond which
is called Bubble mountain. If you like
lobster and New England Clam chowder,
or just want to see some beautiful views,
visit Bar Harbor, Maine.!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunset in Venice

There is so much beauty in a
Sunset. Beautiful as it is peaceful.
My cousin and his wife recently
traveled to Venice, Italy, where he
gave me this reference picture.
I've never seen this rich orange
color in a sunset yet. I loved doing
this painting in pastel. I tried painting
it in oil but couldn't seem to capture
the softness. I still don't know
how to move those great colors around!
Someday. (I won't stop trying..)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Timeless Connection

The reference picture for this
pastel painting is of my Dad and
one of his 7 great grandchildren,
Skye. He cherished his moments with
them and they reveled the attention
of their "Papa". Pure love on his
part....pure wonder on theirs. He was
simply sharing some of his wonderful
stories with Skye. I often wondered if
she understood anything he told her
but I realize that it didn't even matter.
The language spoken between them here
is one where words are completely
unnecessary. It was just one of the many
moments where she was just bonding with this wonderful man she called "Papa"..