Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lisa was a model in one of my classes... I don't like to paint portraits in class so I took the reference picture of  Lisa and worked on her at home.  In class I just paint the model for practice since I have problems working on live models.  She was the perfect model with beautiful features.  I finished this portrait a few weeks ago but I've been so busy visiting everyone who was doing the challenge that I didn't get a chance to post it!   Everyone did so well and it amazes me when someone does a painting a day!!! Congratulations to all!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sounds of Nature

I'm not a landscape Artist but I sure had fun painting this pastel.  The reference picture was taken in W.Virginia..
Unfortunately I don't remember exactly where but I do remember how beautiful it was..  The perfect place to be when you wanted to sit and enjoy God's Country.. listening to the sounds of the birds and waterfalls.  I loved seeing the moss all over the rocks.  Wonderful colors everywhere you look.   Right now I'm working on a portrait but I thought I would post this painting.  Since I wanted to achieve texture on the rocks, I painted this on sanded paper.   I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday.