Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rembrandt Study

I think copying the work of the Masters is a learning experience.  I enjoyed painting this portrait of Rembrandt.  He studied himself very closely in the mirror for most of his life...painting about 100 self-portraits, which explains how there's so many facial changes with his portraits.  I imagine it had to be very challenging.  Some people say that he did it because he always had a model on hand!!  He always painted with dark shadows that I always liked.  I would have painted this in oils, like he did, but I still don't have the nerve... so I stuck to the comfort of my pastels!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Montana Beauty

Driving through Montana is always so beautiful.  I never get tired of all those greens you see in this amazing land of ours.  I love horses and I really enjoyed painting this horse since he was so close and I was able to "see" those details that you need in a painting.  I think he knew I was taking a photo...he stood perfectly still for me..LOL