Friday, October 23, 2015

Cades Cove, Tennessee

There is so many things to see in the Smokey's... Cades Cove is a place where everyone should visit.  It's an 11 mile one way loop road that circles around the Cove.  I saw a black bear and some turkeys.. sometimes you can view coyotes and other wildlife.  The bears are very active in the park right now, so I'm very happy to be home!!!  But there's so many horses and I was able to get many great reference photos.  This horse is a work beautiful and very big.  I did a monochromatic painting and I'd like to paint a series of my horses this way from reference photos all over the country.
I haven't been painting for a few weeks because I had an annoying floater in my eye that looked like a spider in front of my vision!  First my hand now my eye !!??  It seemed to have gone away and I'm hoping it doesn't come back again... although I understand that it never really goes away!!!