Monday, April 27, 2020

View from window

This was a Christmas commission that I never posted.   A sweet little cat looking out of her window... I enjoyed painting this … I thought the sun catcher was fun to paint.
I hope you are all doing well in this nightmare that we're living in.  At first, I kept myself very busy with painting, cleaning but now I have become a couch potato .. something I never wanted to be. lol
In February, I lost my dog, Cali.  She died in her sleep and it left me heartbroken.  She was only 8 and healthy so it was a total shock when she died right in front of me.   I have never been without a pet so I'm fostering a chihuahua/dachshund who I named Bambi. She's 9 lbs.   The shelters are full so I helped with one! lol.  She keeps me busy now and happy.  Yes, I will be adopting her soon.