Saturday, June 9, 2012

Long Island Winery

I took the reference picture from a winery on
Long Island... this barrel was in the backyard, which
I noticed when I was walking around the side of a huge
wrap around deck.  The barrel had beautiful
flowers on it which immediately caught my eye!!
I think the name of the winery was Roanoke
Vineyards, in Riverhead... I'm not sure, since we
visited a few wineries that day.....Excellent Merlot,
by the way!!!   and Music during the Summer months...Life is good !  
I painted this with basically had no clue what
I was doing but had so much fun trying.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


This is my 8 year old Grandson, Nik.  I told
him that I wanted to paint a portrait of him but
I needed to take some reference pictures of
him first...he agreed and started to smile... I
told him that it would be better if he didn't
smile since I really don't like to paint teeth!!!
so he posed so seriously after that and
started to laugh!!  When he calmed down,
I took some nice shots but now he looks a
bit depressed.  LOL  I enjoyed painting
my handsome little man...