Monday, July 13, 2015


Jack is an Artist from my Friday art group who was nice enough to pose for this reference picture.  I haven't worked in pastels for many weeks because of my hand but I'm feeling so much better since I've been resting it.  My Orthopedist feels that it is nerves coming from my neck or shoulders that is creating the problem.  Thank you all for your comments!
But more important!!! is stealing our work off the internet and selling them as posters!   This really needs to go viral so we can stop them.  I know, because I found my work there when I typed my name.
Some of the Artists in the Pastel Society believe that they want you to order a poster of your work.  Once you put the order through, they can get into your computer.  Very scary people out there.  So sign the petition....I already did!
The link is
and feel free to share the link with other artists....   I will be visiting all of you soon!!  I look forward to catching up!!